Buildings & Estates Zone

The Buildings & Estates Zone is home to the biggest players and providers in school buildings & estates management.

With estates being the most visible asset of any school, this is the zone where change can make a big difference. At a time of continued financial pressures, schools need to find efficiency savings and improvements to the school estate. Whether you want advice on how to make the most of your buildings, meet firms specialising in maintenance, development or hearing the latest government policy on compliance and capital funding, this is the area for you.


Expert Building and Estates Speakers at SAAS

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Building and Estates Sessions

All sessions related to Buildings & Estates are fully CPD certified.

Day 3 - November 19, 2020

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    • 10:20 am
      Preparing Students, Staff and School Estates for Future Interruptions
    • 10:35 am
      Tools for Excellent Resource Management
    • 11:30 am
      The ‘New-Normal’ for School Estates

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