ConnectEd Lounge


We are thrilled to bring back the highly interactive and practical ConnectEd Lounge to the Schools & Academies Show Birmingham 2022, which will host 1-2-1 meetings.

Following months of disruption and school closures which have completely changes the way educators and businesses operate, we wanted to ensure our live show offers schools & MATs an opportunity to meet, network and benefit from face-to-face meetings during the show.

Having welcomed visitors back to London earlier this year, we are excited to connect visitors and provide them with unrivalled tips, techniques and solutions for overcoming everyday school challenges. We’ll also link educators with the right education suppliers, ensuring they save time sourcing solutions for their schools and drive cost efficiencies.

The ConnectEd Lounge will include separate desks for meetings and a networking area which will be fully catered with refreshments. Don’t miss out on your chance to save time and money by registering today and accessing the ConnectEd Lounge and pre-event platform. You can download the ConnectEd Guide here.

If you have any questions about the ConnectEd Platform, you can contact their team at [email protected].

ConnectEd Sponsor

Capita create, transform and deliver services to educational institutions that are thoughtfully designed, technology enabled and delivered with care. 

‘Excellence in education’ is the heart of our business. We work in partnership with schools, academy trusts and Local Authorities to provide specialist expertise, ensuring every child and young person;

  • receives a good education;
  • is in a safe and healthy environment;
  • and is given expert guidance to realise their full potential.

By building on our reputation for excellence and delivering what we promise, we want to help make every school a good school, ensuring every child and young person gets the education they deserve.