We are delighted to be launching the second of many CPL Villages at the heart of the show which is being hosted by the CPL Group an education sector owned charity incorporating Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) and Tenet Education Services (TES). Dukefield Energy have sponsored the Village which will feature a range of leading education framework suppliers offering practical advice and techniques for saving schools money on everyday services and purchases.

The CPL Group team will be on hand to provide information on the charity’s work and how to access future grant funding opportunities to support your school. It’s subsidiary organisations Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) and Tenet Education Services (TES) will also be on hand, who can advise you on accessing all the CPC’s 89 procurement frameworks (17 approved by the DfE), as well their TES on-site procurement consultancy service to manage all areas of your procurement.

They will be providing complimentary drinks and you can come and get a selfie picture on their dedicated wall to post on social media, with a complimentary image to bank your memory.


The CPL Group is a registered charity, comprising of three not-for-profit organisations which are owned by the education sector and known as Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC, providing 89 procurement frameworks with 17 being approved by the DfE), Tenet Education Services (TES, provides onsite support and expert consultancy and advisory services, dedicated to the education sector and beyond) and Tenet Procurement Services (TPS, provides tailored, bespoke outsourced procurement services and solutions across the UK beyond the education sector in the wider private sector).

Our charity objective is to advance education and research in procurement for the Education sector.  Any surplus revenue made by the CPL Group, is reviewed by our Board of trustees and a large proportion is invested back into the education sector. To date the CPL Group has invested an impressive £963,000 towards training, equipment, apprenticeships, eLearning and much more.

The CPL Group offers a FREE learning and development platform which offers funded training and webinars, industry wide procurement news and tips and a dedicated procurement library known as Furthering Education and Learning in Procurement (FELP). FELP is a dedicated free resource to support you improve procurement within your organisation whilst providing access to procurement good practice.



Take a look at some of the suppliers that you can meet in the CPL Village!