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Hamelin Brands

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Hampshire Outdoor Centres

Hampshire Outdoor Centres, part of Hampshire County Council, have four fantastic centres; three of which are in Hampshire and one in South Wales. Our centres deliver outdoor education and field study programmes which enhance a young person’s personal, social and academic development through a journey of challenge, adventure and self-discovery.

Harrison Catering Services Limited

Founded in 1994, Harrison Catering is an independent family owned company creating delicious, innovative food, cooked on-site from scratch.

Our highly trained teams use quality ingredients that are responsibly sourced and British produce is used wherever possible.

Our exciting food and menus, bespoke to your customers, delivers exceptional sales growth and uptake levels, offering real value for money and a profitable catering service for your school.


We have a team of over 200 specialist consultants, in 32 offices, working with over 4000 schools, colleges and nurseries across the UK; filling over 8,000 temporary and permanent, education and teaching jobs. We work exclusively with over 1,000 schools and colleges giving you access to the latest long term or permanent teaching jobs.

To find out how we can help you further your career in teaching, contact your local office: https://m.hays.co.uk/office-locator/

We also offer 20 online courses in our #WellbeingFirst training package, free to all schools across the UK: https://educationtraining.hays.co.uk/wellbeing-first/

Hoge 100 Business Systems Ltd

Referred to recently as “The gold standard finance system for MATs”, Hoge’s system provides more than just accounts; it manages wraparound, lettings and trips and has its own integrated on-line payment system for all of these services. This is all delivered with support that is second to none. At the system’s core, is Access Dimensions, a user-friendly market-leading commercial accounting system. The system is eminently affordable, particularly when adding schools to a MAT.


HUE offers a variety of products to inspire creative learning and teaching, which are perfect for use in the classroom and at home. Our document cameras and visualisers are designed to provide colourful, innovative and affordable technology to teachers, parents, and students. The multi award winning HUE HD Pro USB camera is £44.95 + VAT, lightweight, portable, easy-to-use and requires no training. The HUE HD Pro is compatible with Windows, macOS and Chrome OS.

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