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Save time, save money and achieve seamless whole school communication with Weduc.

- Consolidate school communications into one platform
- Reduce administrative burden and costs
- Achieve seamless communication in one branded app
- Integrate with MIS and third party systems


Weduc enables MATs, Schools and Colleges to deliver their school communications strategy from anywhere on any device. We help you maintain communication with all stakeholders in one easy-to-use platform to push out one to one or one to many comms via email, SMS, social media and websites; Fundamentally, it resolves the challenges of stakeholder communications to a level that no other education product has done before.

With social media style Newsfeed, targeted communications, Home Learning, Virtual Parents Evening and cashless Payments, it centralises all your systems and apps in one place, so your stakeholders don't need multiple logins to multiple systems. Weduc also has a range of solutions covering school websites, school transport and school visitor management.

What's more, Weduc will ensure your School adheres to your Stakeholder Governance practices by measuring and reporting across your strategy, communications and tools.

With offices in Loughborough, Leicestershire, Weduc provides unlimited support for your School and Parents.

Westfield Health

At the Westfield Health Group, our mission is to improve peoples’ quality of life. Working with world-leading academics, we partner with our clients to create unique programmes that make a healthy difference.
We provide wellbeing, mental health support, health insurance, gym management and fitness solutions, both virtually and in person, for 9,000 clients across the UK and Europe.

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