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We are delighted to announce our new Network Manager Hub.


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Association of Network Managers in Education

After last April DfE’s EdTech strategy launch at the Schools and Academies Show, the event has renewed its focus on technology. In an effort to present our visitors with relevant and affordable, pedagogy-backed solutions and case studies, assisting leaders in finding the right approach to implementing EdTech and tech management solutions, we have partnered with the Association of Network Managers in Education (ANME) to enrich the show’s experience.

We have created the Network Manager Hub, a dedicated area of the show where attendees interested in learning more about IT-related topics will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and interact with leading experts from ANME.

Here is the agenda for the two days:

Day 1 – 13th November 2019

10:30 – 11:15

A simple guide to structuring the IT function across a MAT

Workshop led by Neil Limbrick

Defining the working structure of a MAT is a complicated business, deciding which services should be central and which should sit within the individual Academy. Within that the IT function is probably the most complicated to place, particularly if you are a growing MAT looking to future proof against whatever systems and people you inherit as more academies come on board.

In this non-technical workshop, we will look at the different areas of the IT function and how to maximise the advantage of collaboration without introducing barriers or additional challenges to the individual academies.


11:45 – 12:30

A simple Guide to IT Strategy

Workshop led by Neil Limbrick

Too often, the IT Strategy of a school is considered to be a technical document that is devised by the technical lead. Within a school, academy or MAT a whole school approach which defines the required functions rather than the solutions is more likely to bring about the greatest impact from technology.

In this non-technical workshop, we will look at an approach to help define weaknesses, focus areas and how to align your IT Strategy with your School Improvement Plan. 


14:15 – 15:00

The Social Cyber Security Threat

  • Open Source Intelligence and Social Engineering vulnerabilities
  • Innocent Threats
  • Availability of National, Regional and Local support



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Day 2 – 14th November 2019

12:00 – 12:45

Raising the Profile of the IT Support Team

Workshop led by Ben Whitaker

• Change the way the IT/ICT Support is seen in school
• How to get key messages out to the school community about the things you are doing.
• IT becoming a central part of the direction of IT in the school.


13:15 – 14:00

A Simple Guide to Selecting a Broadband Package

Workshop led by Neil Limbrick

Being connected to the outside world is more important, but also more complicated than at any other point in history.

In this non-technical workshop, we will help you to understand the key factors in making a decision about broadband and the potential impact that a change of provider can have on a school so you can avoid the pitfalls and be confident in selecting the best deal.


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