ISBL Q & A: Stephen Morales

How should school leaders view their SBP or finance team, and how can they work with them more effectively? It depends what is meant by “school leaders”. SBPs themselves are school leaders. If the question is further qualified by referring to pedagogical leaders and other executive staff in a trust, then the answer is SBPs […]

nasen Q&A: Alex Grady

What can school leaders do to work more effectively with SENCOs? SENCOs should be on the senior leadership team, so they can influence all decision making. School leaders should also ensure that the SENCO has sufficient time to carry out their strategic priorities effectively; this is likely to include support with administrative processes. Sufficient time […]

Schools & Academies Show 2019 Highlights

The Schools & Academies Show 2019 brings together over 4,000 senior education leaders to tackle the biggest educational challenges effecting the sector.
The Schools & Academies Show event returned to the NEC in Birmingham for its 8th year on 13th & 14th November. After seven years as a one day show, the event returned this year offering a two-day …

The National Schools Awards Highlights

The inaugural National Schools Awards took place at the NEC in Birmingham on 13th November and brought together over 200 education pioneers and leaders from across the UK to celebrate the great work being undertaken across the sector. The National Schools Awards is there to recognise and reward both practitioners and organisations within the education […]

What are the implications of the changing role of school leaders in MATs?

What are the implications of the changing role of school leaders in MATs? Author: Sam Henson, Director of Information and Policy  Moving MATs forward NGA’s recent report Moving MATs forward: the power of governance, poses four big debates to take the sector forward. Tom Fellows, Research Manager explores the second of these, in our Moving MATs Forward […]

Walking the talk of succession planning

Walking the talk of succession planning Author: Judith Hicks, Head of Inspiring Governance, National Governance Association Having previously enjoyed a career in HR, succession planning was always something that I advised others about; I could give them advice, tell them how to create a succession plan and how to identify development opportunities for their staff, but […]

Third edition of Welcome to a multi-academy trust out now!

Third edition of Welcome to a multi academy trust out now! Author: Tom Fellows, Research Manager, National Governance Association Welcome to a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) for those sitting on the MAT board of trustees, is the third edition of this popular National Governance Association guide. The new guide can be purchased by NGA members […]

Moving MATs forward: the power of governance

Moving MATs forward: the power of governance Author: Sam Henson, Director of Policy and Information, National Governance Assocation At the National Governance Association we work with large numbers of multi academy trusts (MATs) in all sorts of ways, and today we are publishing a report which pulls together the learning from all of that experience. […]

Why review your MIS?

All schools know that a management information systems (MIS) is fundamental to the running of their school. But a good system should be saving schools time by reducing administrative burdens, not adding to them. We find that schools are often unaware that they have the autonomy to choose the MIS provider that is right for […]

The Importance of Downtime in Employee Performance and Mental Health.

“People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness” – John Wanamaker. In the words of the great BA Baracus, from the A-Team: “I pity the fool!” I personally pity the fool that sees working long hours, checking and responding to emails at all hours of the […]

Inspiring confidence in spoken English for EAL students

Inspiring confidence in spoken English for EAL students Speaking in English can be the last thing that EAL students acquire. This doesn’t mean to say that it reflects their ability to understand the language; it’s more than likely to do with having the confidence to speak aloud, especially in whole-class situations, as the worry around […]

School resource management assessment tools

School resource management assessment tools The Department for Education (DfE) has developed financial tools that can help schools check they are meeting the basic standards necessary to achieve a good level of financial health and resource management. These are the schools financial value standard (SFVS) for maintained schools and school resource management self-assessment tool for […]

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