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Why review your MIS?

All schools know that a management information systems (MIS) is fundamental to the running of their school. But a good system should be saving schools time by reducing administrative burdens, not adding to them. We find that schools are often unaware that they have the autonomy to choose the MIS provider that is right for […]

Inspiring confidence in spoken English for EAL students

Inspiring confidence in spoken English for EAL students Speaking in English can be the last thing that EAL students acquire. This doesn’t mean to say that it reflects their ability to understand the language; it’s more than likely to do with having the confidence to speak aloud, especially in whole-class situations, as the worry around […]

school resource management self-assessment tool

School resource management self-assessment tool

School resource management assessment tools The Department for Education (DfE) has developed financial tools that can help schools check they are meeting the basic standards necessary to achieve a good level of financial health and resource management. These are the schools financial value standard (SFVS) for maintained schools and school resource management self-assessment tool for […]

Schools Financial Benchmarking Tool

What is the Schools Financial Benchmarking Tool? The Schools Financial Benchmarking Tool helps schools and trusts to compare their finances with similar schools and trusts and make comparisons between income, balances and workforce structures. Why benchmark? Benchmarking helps schools to: make better-informed decisions and triggers further discussion facilitate peer learning and exchange of ideas between […]

Knife Crime and Serious Youth Violence

What is knife crime? Knife crime is a term commonly used in the media to refer to street-based knife assaults and knife-carrying. There are many different criminal offences relating to knives and offensive weapons. Offences include: carrying a knife in a public place without good reason using any knife in a threatening way carrying, buying […]

school curriculum

What Does a Broad and Balanced School Curriculum Look Like?

What does a broad and balanced school curriculum look like? With Ofsted inspections paying more attention to schools providing a broad and balanced school curriculum, Sam Sutton-Reid, Head of Curriculum Managers at Pearson explores what this means in practice including key questions to answer when designing a more holistic curriculum. It’s becoming a bit of […]

Stephen Morales Interview

Stephen Morales Interview: An in-depth discussion on School Business Management Q: How important are School Business Professionals to the good functioning of a school or academy? A: The question has been asked at different points over the last 20-30 years. I think that 15 years ago the massive strategic impact the School Business Leader wasn’t […]

The Mentally Healthy Schools Workbook – transform the wellbeing of your school

We’re delighted to have partnered up with our friends at Jessica Kingsley Publishers to run a fantastic competition for our upcoming Schools & Academies Show Birmingham. Each week, we’ll feature a blog on a topical education book on our website (provided by Jessica Kingsley Publishers) After the our show we’ll be entering one lucky person […]

Stephen Morales

Retention & Recruitment: How to support your staff

With Emma Hollis, Executive Director of NASBTT In recent years retention has become a more relevant issue than recruitment. How can further training help teachers preserve their motivation and sense of fulfillment? “The keywords to use here are ‘entitlement’ and ‘support’. In too many cases, professional development post-ITT is either patchy in terms of quality […]

Deliver better student outcomes with Turnitin Feedback Studio

Feedback Studio is designed to save teachers hours of work by making the feedback process faster, easier, and more consistent. With tools that support timely feedback and prevent plagiarism, Feedback Studio’s interactive platform delivers provable educational outcomes. It is the only comprehensive solution that simultaneously provides effective feedback, streamlined grading, and promotes academic integrity. 1. […]

How school financial software can save you time and reduce human error

With the education purse strings showing no signs of loosening, budgeting and financial forecasting for schools, academies and multi-academy trusts (MATs) is becoming increasingly complex. Here, Jane Gibson explains how cloud-based school financial software can help simplify the process by eliminating a number of redundant or duplicated tasks which are draining staff resources and hindering productivity.

William de Ferrers School – Case Study

Overview William de Ferrers School in Essex were not getting the service they needed from their previous SIMS support provider. When they spoke with their helpdesk, they felt that they didn’t really understand their issues, or have enough knowledge of schools to be able to suggest good solutions to the daily problems they were experiencing. […]

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