Arthur Reeves - SAAS
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Arthur Reeves

Assistant Vice Principal - University of Birmingham School

Arthur is a teacher of History and Politics. He has been a senior leader for 4 years and is currently Assistant Vice Principal for the University of Birmingham School, having worked in and around Birmingham for 12 years. His current role is to ensure all pupils flourish academically. He co-ordinates the assessment of pupils and the appropriate interventions to support pupil progress. In recent months, this has included managing the catch-up premium and the strategy the school would adopt following the impact of Covid-19.

Initially sceptical about in-school tutoring, Arthur coordinated the school’s approach to the National Tutoring Programme and Academic Mentoring. He is proud that over 200 pupils have benefited from this tuition since December 2020. He will share the school’s experiences: both the successes and what they have learnt along the journey.

Sessions by Arthur Reeves

Day 1 - November 17, 2021
12:35 pm - 1:05 pm
Tutoring to Fit the School: A New Approach at the University of Birmingham School