Bethan Wright - SAAS
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Bethan Wright

Solutions Marketing Manager - Solutions for Accounting and CRM

Bethan is an experienced marketing professional, having worked in several private sector service and technology businesses. Her track record demonstrates a strong desire to establish enduring customer relationships by aligning impactful products with market needs to create genuine long term value.

As Marketing Manager with Solutions for Accounting, Bethan has adopted a research-based approach to developing a deep understanding of the company’s target markets. Through creating opportunities for consultants to engage with school leaders and Finance Managers, Bethan’s mission is to ensure that Solutions for Accounting build the level of understanding needed to create powerful and valuable technology solutions for Academy Trusts.

Bethan is passionate about learning and has created a culture of curiosity in the business. Her belief is that in order to provide effective support for Academy Trusts, her team must remain open to new ideas, inquisitive and hold the company to account in its ambition to deliver greater customer value in the education sector.


Sessions by Bethan Wright

Day 3 - April 29, 2021
1:45 pm - 2:15 pm
Automating the Academies Accounts Return