Chris Dyson - SAAS
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Chris Dyson

Headteacher - Parklands Primary School

Chris Dyson is the headteacher at Parklands Primary, situated on one of Europe’s largest council estates in Leeds. The most deprived school in Leeds, with 68% Pupil Premium, when Chris arrived at the school 7 years ago, it had been deemed inadequate and had 150 exclusions in a year. Today exclusions are one in 7 years, the school has the highest progress score for maths in the country, and Ofsted in 2017 judged the school outstanding.

Chris still has largely the same team as when he arrived, but has changed the culture of the school, with the proverbial ‘carrot’ being used rather than a stick, coaching used with staff, and the wellbeing of staff and children becoming the driving force. Chris is now an NLE and sharing the story of how he achieved this transformation with leaders from other schools.

He can also be found sharing joy, excitement and positively aplenty on Twitter at @ChrisDysonHT

Sessions by Chris Dyson

Day 2 - April 28, 2021
10:30 am - 11:15 am
Great Expectations: Assessing the Relationship between Government and School Leaders