Claire Robinson - SAAS
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Claire Robinson

Headteacher - Holme Grange School

Claire is an experienced headteacher, having established a school driven by the ethos which promotes a truly holistic education for every child, where all are valued and develop into young people who will contribute proactively and positively to society. Building a school from around 200 pupils to 600 pupils under her leadership and extending the school age range to teach up to GCSE. Claire has worked with leadership teams supporting schools to bring about change and raise standards and believes Sustainability supports school improvement. She is ambitious in her goals but has a recipe for success in leading change.

Claire is forward thinking in her vision for the future of education and speaks about:

  • The need to cultivating curiosity, a sense of awe and wonder, an appreciation of the world and a love of learning, developing a curriculum that actively encourages stewardship and social responsibility.
  • The importance of equipping and empowering staff to support pupil development – building a knowledgeable sustainable learning community
  • A commitment to building teams, both within her own school and the wider community, local, national and international – as through collaboration and partnership we can make a difference and leads on driving sustainable initiatives.

In 2005 Claire was awarded Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School for the South of England, in the National Teaching Awards. Claire is a visionary head and always looking for ways to build a better school community for all those in it, which contributes to a vision for a sustainable future.

Sessions by Claire Robinson

Day 4 - April 30, 2021
11:10 am - 11:55 am
Scaling up the Climate Curriculum and Sustainability in all Schools