Melanie Harwood - SAAS
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Melanie Harwood

CEO & Founder - eduCCate Global

2017 to 2020 – Devised, developed and built the Handwriting Assessment Teacher Training CPD. This was delivered, in person, to thousands of teachers in the United Kingdom. Harwood partnered with Denise Meissner, OTR in 2017 to build the training into an online CPD Training.
2017 to 2021 – launched Harwood Education Ltd. Devised, Developed and built more than 80 online learning packages for EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4. Age Ranges 3 to 19.
2018 – present – conceptualised, developed, built and trialled the Climate Change Teacher Course. Paid the United Nations for a Joint Portal on the UN CC:Learn site which was created for LDC countries. This was launched by Harwood and Meissner at COP24 Katowice, Poland in 2019 and the teacher training was fully funded by the Not For Profit they set up to deliver their vision of a mechanism that would encourage, enhance, upskill, empower and enable all teachers throughout the world to teach sustainability, carbon literacy and climate literacy to an exceptionally high standard.
2020-2021- devised, curated and trialled the delivery of the Carbon Literacy Training, repackaged to schools as The eduCCate Global Carbon Literacy Specialist Teacher Training. Worked in partnership with NTU and Professor Petra Molthan-Hill. Harwood found the perfect Packages and Toolkits to achieve the eduCCate Global Mission Statement. This is the next step in the evolution of the delivery of certified Climate Literacy and Carbon Literacy Specialist Teachers. eduCCate Global is now delivering its Awards to schools throughout the world and is proud to have created The Carbon Footprint Buster Challenge with Lisa Pugh. The sole intention is to “gift” this to every child, every parent, every family, every teacher, every school, every citizen that lives and breathes and loves our one and only Planet Earth.

Harwood is grateful to the EU Horizon 2020 Bid for this potential opportunity to deliver the upskilled global citizens that will be our future Transition Engineers, Sustainability Specialists, Climate Conscious Social Entreprenuers, Rebuild Economists and Future Leaders of our Countries that will allow us to be considered as Good Ancestors for delivering this knowledge bank, open source, to them to utilise and share with their peers and communities as global citizens.

Sessions by Melanie Harwood

Day 4 - April 30, 2021
11:10 am - 11:55 am
Scaling up the Climate Curriculum and Sustainability in all Schools