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Matt Leach

Chief Executive Officer
ESCAPE Training (Confirmed)

Coming from a good home but growing up in a rough town, Matt had to learn to be streetwise from a very young age. One of his first experiences of a knife threat was when he was held at knife point, aged twelve. He reacted very quickly and managed to escape the attack unharmed.

Whilst working as a door supervisor in his early 20’s, Matt sought knowledge and skills that would be useful in his role and he quickly realised that traditional martial arts would not be of much use. He joined a local Krav Maga club and trained five times per week and eventually decided to train to become an instructor.

Matt completed over eighty days of instructor training and set up his own Krav Maga club in Herts and Beds which rapidly grew and spread over four towns with over 150 students of all ages and abilities.

Having learned the civilian self defence system, Matt went on to learn the Yamam (Israeli special force ​ s) and CQB ​(close quarter battle) systems.
Matt qualified under world renowned Krav Maga, self defence and military experts including SAS Legend John Wiseman in Hereford where he received qualifications in close protection, conflict management and situational awareness.

As well as teaching civilians, Matt has experience teaching military and police forces internationally as well as the corporate sector.

Matt is a true expert in his field and one of the foremost knife defence experts in the UK.

Concerned by the growing knife problem in the UK, he set out to develop a solution which would be effective against all types of knife attacks, was quick to learn and could be taught at schools in a short time by PE teachers. This is in his eyes the best and most efficient way to teach an entire generation.

Matt founded THE ESCAPE GENERATION CIC in 2019, a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of delivering ESCAPE Training to all secondary and high schools nationwide and making the training part of the school curriculum. Its mission is ‘To train a generation how to escape from rape and knife scenarios’ and therefore significantly reduce victim rates in years to come.
ESCAPE Training is aimed at teens and young adults aged eleven to eighteen and the skills they learn will stay with them for life. Once ESCAPE Training is rolled out nationally, we believe it will create a domino effect in that as well as reducing the fear of knife attacks, the likelihood that a knife is carried out of fear is also reduced

Agenda sessions

  • All Sessions

    • 12:40 pm
      Teaching Young Adults How to Escape from Rape and Knife Attacks
  • Wellbeing & Safeguarding

    • 12:40 pm
      Teaching Young Adults How to Escape from Rape and Knife Attacks

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