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Explore the evolving landscape of education through technology.  

Technology is shaping the future of the education landscape! And as such, we’re pleased to be working with leading edtech influencers and policy makers who will be sharing ground-breaking solutions on how best to embed technology across your curriculum.

Join our dedicated zone for Technology and discover the growing potential of edtech, with real-life examples of technology being used in schools; and the opportunity to take away key insights that will provide you with the inspiration needed to fully embrace the limitless opportunities of education 4.0.


Leading Technology Speakers at the Schools & Academies Show Include:

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Technology & Educational Resources Sessions

Day 1 - July 1, 2020


    • 11:40 am
      Safeguarding: Risks and Management in the Digital Age

    • 10:30 am
      Cyber Security – What Are the Implications of a Data Breach for Your School?
    • 11:20 am
      Less Time Grading and More Focus on the Curriculum with Turnitin Feedback Studio
    • 12:10 pm
      Preparing Students for the Modern Workplace
    • 1:00 pm
      Strategic Support for Technology in Schools from the DfE
    • 1:50 pm
      Evidence in EdTech: Useful or Useless?
    • 2:40 pm
      Improving Collaboration between IT and Pedagogical Teams
    • 3:30 pm
      Case Study: Transformative Tech in Primary Schools

Day 2 - July 2, 2020


    • 11:10 am
      The Future is Now: Enhancing Learning Across the Country

    • 11:40 am
      Education Technology and Making it Work for You

    • 10:00 am
      Effectively Teaching Computing for a Digitally Literate Workforce
    • 11:40 am
      EdTech Evidence – How can Technology help Schools & What can we do to Improve our Evidence?
    • 10:50 am
      How Can AI Empower Leaders and Teachers to Be More Effective?
    • 12:30 pm
      The National Centre for Computing Education – What Does a Good Computing Education Look Like?
    • 1:20 pm
      Can We Afford to Not Use EdTech?
    • 2:10 pm
      Case Study: Embedding Technology in the Primary Curriculum

    • 11:30 am
      Sexting – Reframing the Issue to Meet the Needs of Boys

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Technology & Educational Resources News

Network Building: SAA Show Partners with the Association of Network Managers in Education

Network Managers are at the forefront of new developments in edtech and IT infrastructure, but often don’t receive the attention of their pedagogical peers. While many may be looking forward to the summer holidays already, we are looking even further ahead, to the Schools & Academies Show Birmingham in November. So it seems only prudent […]

School data

Data and Benchmarking

Access to high-quality, accurate and timely data is crucial for schools and trusts to make informed decisions and get the most of their available resources. Benchmarking and comparison with peers can be a powerful tool for change and a driver for improvement in any sector. For schools and trusts, knowing how they compare with similar […]


The Rise of the Robots – Future proofing skills for the next generation

Artificial Intelligence will ‘kill off’ five million jobs by 2020, according to some of the more alarmist headlines. While AI threatens hundreds of thousands of posts in the retail and administration sectors, top professions such as the law and medicine are also set to be transformed by the ‘march of the robots’. Advances in AI […]


How MATs can drive consistency across schools with ICT

According to the Discover Society article, ‘Multi-Academy Trusts in England – are they really accountable?’: “managing and governing collaborative organisations [such as Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs)] is no mean feat… Even when all of the collaborating organisations are keen for it to work, the challenges of factors such as: the creation of a coherent organisational identity; ensuring […]

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